SUTTON CROSSING is zoned and ready-to-build. Infrastructure to the site is all in place.

Getting in and out is simplicity itself. No-hassle access is assured. The Northwest Tollway (I-90) features a full four-way interchange. Route 59 and Route 72 have each been expanded and improved to six lanes. Bartlett Road is planned for expansion to four lanes with future provision for a full-access entrance.

Full-access entrances have already been built on Route 59 and Route 72, making it convenient for people to commute and visit. SUTTON CROSSING benefits from five access points.


SUTTON CROSSING has imaginative zoning in place that can comfortably accommodate well in excess of 2,200,000 square feet of office, hotel and retail uses – all with abundant parking facilities.


Water, gas and sanitary sewer lines extend into the site. Electrical service transmission and telephone voice and data lines originate from sources located within one mile of the property. To assure the highest level of reliability, encased underground ductbanks have been installed to carry ComEd services and SBC copper and fiber optic lines. Redundant electric and voice/data services are available by access to existing lines along Interstate 90 (Northwest Tollway) and Route 72 (Higgins Road).


Inviting, gently rolling topography characterizes the entire site at SUTTON CROSSING. Amenities include acres of open space, the 17-acre Sutton Lake, and views across several thousand acres of forest preserve. The site is fully compliant with all archaeological, environmental and conservation requirements.

From every perspective, SUTTON CROSSING is ready to go.